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You're at the KG Karaoke additional website, which supplements our main website, providing additional products. You can go to our main website by clicking on "Main Website" at the top of the page. Since 1998 KG Karaoke, a division of KG Stores, has been supplying the most affordable, and the best high quality, karaoke machines and karaoke equipment to DJ's and KJ's, churches, libraries, schools, restaurants, night clubs, bars, pubs, and the home. Between our two websites we carry API, Best Media, NuVoice Audio, IDOLpro, KDS, Prostar, RSQ, U-Best, and VocoPro karaoke players, karaoke wireless microphones, karaoke karaoke systems. karaoke mixers. and karaoke speakers. We carry different products on each of our websites. We ship to the 50 U.S. states + DC, Puerto Rico, Australia, Canada, Ireland, the UK, and New Zealand. (No international VocoPro or NuVoice Audio orders - Puerto Rico okay.}

I got the shipment for my BM-2000 Chinese Version and BMUR-001, for about a week, and I have been playing with it and love it. Thank you.It is a great karaoke player and wireless touch screen. I am very happy with the system. Your services and follow ups are excellent. Ordering process is easy. Shipment is punctual. I will buy again from KG.

Joe Y.
Fort Worth, TX

I want to commend you and your associates for your outstanding customer service. I was originally going to order the item through, however they had no way for customers to contact them via-email to ask questions. Your company did. I feel much more secure knowing that your customer service department is active and in touch with customers and their concerns and questions. It is a pleasure to do business with you.

Tim Tedana
Rockledge, Florida


KG Karaoke Supplementary Store


Karaoke is a type of entertainment whereby amateur singers add their voices to recorded music by using a microphone and an amplifier system. The lyrics are shown on a video monitor or TV, along with changing text with color highlighting that moves to guide the singer.  In some Asian countries, a karaoke machine is called a KTV, or karaoke tv, and karaoke is known as videoke. Because of its English mispronunciation, it is sometimes mistakingly spelled kareoke, karioke, or karyoke. The correct Japanese pronunciation is "kah-rah-ó-kay," and this means "empty orchestra." In Russian, it's spelled "kapaoke," but it's pronounced "karaoke."

KG Karaoke

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